Academic Achievers’ Breakfast

On Monday, 25th January, Wynberg’s top academic achievers gathered in the Wynberger to have breakfast together and to celebrate all of their hard work. The girls were invited based on their end of year marks for 2015 and the fact that they had been placed in the top 12 of their grade.

After everyone had taken their seats, Mr Burrell welcomed them all to the breakfast. This was followed by a few congratulatory remarks from Mrs Harding, after which Meg Anderton, the Head of Academics for 2016, made a speech. The core of her speech was focused on realising one’s potential and ability, and using it for the greater good. She also encouraged all of the girls to set goals for themselves and to make 2016 a year of taking risks.

It is a major accomplishment for a student to attain distinctions in all of their subjects and Mr Burrell was proud to announce that several girls were able to achieve this. Each of them was rewarded with a slab of chocolate for their outstanding results.

Formalities aside, everyone helped themselves to the buffet breakfast which boasted a wide variety of fruit, juice, muesli and baked goods.

Although this event was a first for Wynberg, there is little doubt it will take place for years to come. It was a great way to congratulate the girls and serves as a good incentive to work hard to earn an invitation.