Athena Society – Magic, mime, and travelling to school by bicycle…

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This afternoon – 17 May – the Athena Society was fortunate to have two very different but very interesting speakers.

Khadija Brey informed and entertained her audience in the art of magic. Khadija was careful not to let any of her trade secrets slip and kept us spellbound with a variety of tricks; including a card trick which veered from tradition by incorporating the smartboard…



a nifty knot trick that would put any self-respecting sailor to shame, and a demonstration of some of the most common and well-loved miming acts.Two of the audience members joined in the magical fun and learnt the basics of the art of mime.


In the end, they were so convincing that everyone else could see the boxes in which they were stuck!

Elise, our gap student from the Netherlands, spoke on the differences between South Africa and the Netherlands in terms of  schooling and the education systems. What was evident right from the start of her presentation was that the differences were not slight – they were almost incomprehensible to all present!  Before this presentation, the unstated opinion was that schooling in the Netherlands was much the same as it is here, at WGHS. This notion was challenged by Elise’s very first assertion about the average school day in the Netherlands: travelling by bicycle – even in the rain is the means by which students get there!

We came to learn that the entire system is different. A longer school day, purely academic focus, no uniforms and only co-ed schools were a few of the differences that we found most interesting. Part of the reason that we assumed that everything was the same must be because Elise fitted in so easily with all that Wynberg life offers: the house challenges, school spirit, extra mural activities, hostel life and much more. All who attended gained insight into the Dutch education system and experienced a renewed appreciation for all the opportunities available at Wynberg.

Both speakers were eloquent and had a substantial understanding of their subject matter providing us with insight into two very exciting worlds.