Grade 11 History students visit the Holocaust Centre

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On Monday the 17th and Tuesday the 18th, the History girls in grade eleven went on an outing to the Cape Town Holocaust Centre. This served as enrichment to the prescribed History syllabus and sought to give us further insight into the horrors that make up this period in the past.

I’m sure all of the girls who attended will agree that it was a most fascinating and emotional experience. After a brief introduction, the day began with a presentation running through the basics of the Nazi regime, the principles behind the Holocaust, and the reasons why it is important that we continue to learn about it at school to this day. Following this, a woman named Maxine spoke to us about her trip to Lithuania during which she visited the small town where a large number of her husband’s family members had lived and been killed during the Holocaust. It was both interesting and sad to see, and not surprisingly, the presence that this genocide still has in the town. Later, we were all given a very informative tour through the permanent exhibition where we were able to read personal accounts, see genuine objects and items of clothing from that time, and pore over countless photographs. Near to the end of the day, we watched a short film about a man who was a child at the time of the Holocaust and it was rather scary to see the extreme indoctrination that took place.

All in all, it was certainly a very worthwhile and thought-provoking outing, one that I’m certain has helped all of us in understanding this important section of History.

Meg Anderton