Grade 11 Life Sciences Outing

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On Friday the 18th of September, the Grade 11 Life Sciences girls went on an outing to the Two Oceans Aquarium at the Waterfront. A section of the syllabus is Animal Diversity and the girls learn about animal classification, the different phyla and each of their unique characteristics. Serving as enrichment to the syllabus, the outing allowed for the learners to see examples from the marine environment specifically, and learn new things about this environment they might not have known before.

At the aquarium, the grade was split into two halves, one half going first into the aquarium and the other half going to the education laboratories. Inside the aquarium, with the predator exhibit as her backdrop, one of the staff members reminded everyone of International Coastal Cleanup Day, to take place the following day on the 19th September. She talked about the litter that is most harmful to the animals in the ocean and encouraged everyone present to make a concerted effort to avoid products with excessive packaging and to dispose of waste properly. It is very doubtful that anyone will forget that drinking straws are a big no-no.  Following this, the girls were allowed to wander freely around the aquarium, answering the questions on their worksheets, looking at various specimens under the microscope and spending time at the touch pool. In the laboratories, the learners were taught about the different phyla, putting to the test what they had already learnt in class and getting the opportunity to look at and actually touch a number of the species displayed before them.

It is safe to say that everyone thoroughly enjoyed this outing; not only was it a great educational experience, but it was also lots of fun!

Grade 11 - Two Oceans Aquarium Outing