Grade 12 Life Sciences Outing- Stellenbosch Medical Campus

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Tygerberg Medical CampusOn the 11th of August 2015, the grade 12 Life Sciences students went on their last outing of their high school careers and the best was, without a doubt, saved for last. Split into two groups, girls were taken to Stellenbosch University’s Medical Facilities (Tygerberg Campus).

Once we arrived we were quickly assured inside and given a basic run down of the rules- no taking pictures of the cadavers, no inappropriate jokes and especially, if you feel faint or sick please feel free to step outside. We were taken around by first and second year medical students, who took their time explaining to us each organ and often quizzing us to see just how much knowledge we had retained from our school lessons.

From there we moved onto the Stellenbosch University Medical Morphology Museum, where we were able to see real life examples of age of diseases such as what a brain that has been effected by Alzheimer’s looks like and even organs which were destroyed due to trauma e.g. gun shots etc.

Overall, this life sciences outing was captivating with many of us leaving having gained more respect for our bodies and a better understanding of exactly how it all fits together and works.