Grade 9 Technology: It’s All About Recycling

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Technology – Re-using Project

 In modern society, we are constantly aware of the “Going Green” initiative.  We are reminded to “Switch off and Unplug”,  to recycle and “Zappit in the Zibi Bin”.  This inspired a project close to home as the Grade 9’s embarked on a mission to save the planet.  Although it was a small project, we are reminded that a little goes a long way.

 We were assigned to reuse a plastic 2 litter coke bottle and create a brand new product.  This was a fun project all-round as we all got the creative juices flowing and began inventing.  There were drills, sand paper, oil and the excitement of presenting our projects to the class.  There was not one lesson where a clean-up of wood shavings, plastic pieces or food colouring spills wasn’t necessary.  As the due date draws nearer, the classroom atmosphere becomes more exciting.  From Lava lamps to sprinklers the ideas get more creative from desk to desk. 

Whoever said that going green wasn’t going to create a spill of other colours too?

Ashleigh Thompson 9W