Grade Eleven “Oscars” Evening

What a glorious occasion! After months of hard work and preparation done by the Grade 11 Oscars Planning Group and Ms Orpen the Oscars Evening arrived, and from our perspective, the night was a massive success. The girls really dressed up for the occasion and looked breathtaking in their dresses. Of course, such beauty does not go un-celebrated: hundreds of photographs were taken as the girls arrived, and walked up the red carpet into the Aileen Currie Hall.  They were welcomed by the smiling faces of the Occasions Team who waited on us hand and foot the entire evening.

The Awards Ceremony started at 6pm. There were 7 categories which were considered, and from the nominees selected by each of the classes within the grade, three finalists were identified. Clips from the finalists’ documentaries were shown, and the winner in each of the categories was announced. As with the Oscars, the name of the winner was in a sealed envelope. There was a musical interlude performed by Anna Jacobs.

Best Soundtrack Grace Steel
Most Memorable Moment Thulani Ndsishe & Gcotyelwa Mdoda
Carpe Diem Kelly Wilmot and Kelly Phiri
Best Editing Dominique Rosslee
Cinematography Justine De Jongh, Monique Ewen & Stephanie Barwise
Most Interesting Documentary Jessica Bothma
Best Documentary Carla Phillips

All of the finalists did a sterling job with their documentaries: in fact all of the Grade Elevens have reason to be incredibly proud of their work. The winning documentary was watched in full, and was a wonderful finale to a memorable event (and project) in the lives of the Grade 11 girls.

Grade Eleven

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