Memory Box Orals

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Tradition is something that is held in high esteem at Wynberg Girls’. From Grade 8 each student is aware of the rites of passages that accompany the progressing through high school. Although there are the well-known traditions such as Grade 8 Orientation, the Elizabethan (or recently the Oscars) evening or even the highly-anticipated Matric dance, there are other “traditions” that have become well-known in Wynberg ife; likle the ‘Defined’ workshop, Visual Literacy days and the Grade 12 “Memory Box” oral.

The Memory Box oral is widely anticipated and many Matrics have collected items since Grade 8 when they saw Matrics walking around with their boxes over the years. The project falls under the Life Orientation curriculum and consists of both a written and oral mark. Possessions which represent memories and dreams for the future are shared in these orals.