Rhodes Chamber Choir visits Wynberg Girls’ High

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Wynberg Girls’ High was one of the leading schools visited by the Rhodes University Chamber Choir on Tuesday 11 September and one of the fifteen concerts they would be performing at schools, retirement centres and a number of churches.

We were told that “the atmosphere at these concerts, with young students singing and enjoying music from our vast combined cultural heritage would do much to restore our faith and optimism in our future!” and there was very little doubt that our school delighted in the sounds as they listened spellbound to a range of songs. It seemed, however, that the African numbers – particularly at the end of the concert – that sparked the imaginations of the girls as, responding to the joy and excitement of the choir, they joined together in a final number, which spilled out into Brink quad after the concert had ended.

The purpose of the visit was to promote Rhodes University as a leading tertiary institution, and there was little doubt from their extremely responsive Wynberg Girls’ High audience that they had impressed our students!