School Council 2012-2013


Back, from left to right: Laeeqa Allie, Kate Bell, Carryn Peregrino, Anna Jacobs, Kelley-Beth Oliphant, Sarah Mesham
Middle row: Ferial Fortune, Kelly Phiri, Chelsea Lassen, Lauren Gildenhuys, Ayesha Arend, Eden Lyons, Claudia Harrison
Front row: Catherine-Jane Paulse, Kristen van Beek, Aqeelah Idas,  Carly Katzef

Head of School ~ Lauren Gildenhuys

Head of the Academic Pillar ~ Kate Bell
Head of the Cultural Pillar ~ Kelley-Beth Oliphant
Head of the Service Pillar ~Laeeqa Allie
Head of the Sports Pillar ~Chelsea Lassen

Special Portfolio: Film and Marketing~Anna Jacobs

Head of Apsley ~ Aqeelah Idas
Head of Cavanagh ~ Carly Katzef
Head of Constantia ~ Eden Lyons
Head of Copenhagen ~ Carryn Peregrino
Head of Kirsten ~ Sarah Mesham
Head of Silverlea ~ Catherine-Jane Paulse
Head of Waterloo ~ Kelly Phiri
Head of Wellesley ~ Claudia Harrison

RCL Grade 12 Rep: Chair ~ Ferial Fortune
RCL Grade 12 Rep: Vice-chairperson ~ Kristen van Beek
RCL Grade 12 Rep: Governing Body Rep ~ Ayesha Arend