UCT Maths Competition

On Thursday, 10th of April a group of grade 10, 11 and 12 learners took part in the UCT Maths Competition.
As said on the competition’s website:

“The UCT Mathematics Competition, established in 1977, is an annual event for high schools in the Western Cape, held on the University of Cape Town campus.

About 7000 high school students participate in the competition each year, and invitations are sent to 400 high schools in the Western Cape. Separate question papers are set for each grade, from 8 to 12. There is no entry fee.
Trophies, calculators and book prizes are awarded for the best performances, and Gold, Merit and Participation certificates are awarded to all participants.

The objectives of the competition are:
• to popularise mathematics among high schools in Western Cape
• to raise awareness among both learners and teachers that mathematics is a subject that is enjoyable and accessible for all
• to identify promising students and offer them opportunities for further development of their mathematical talents
• to attract students to study mathematics at UCT.”

Wynberg Girls’ has been a part of this incredible Olympiad – one of the largest of its kind in South Africa – and the girls all enjoyed both the Olympiad itself as well as an exciting visit to this prestigious institution.

We look forward to continuing to participate in upcoming years.