Michelle Edwards receives the Golden Lion Award

There is an award at Wynberg Girls’ High School which has been presented to very few people. The criteria cover excellence in a particular field and it is awarded to a person whose attitude towards the school and whose character best displays the qualities of our motto “Honour before Honours” and a person who is a credit to our school.

We have with us today a teacher who is currently ranked 54th in world badminton, who always puts sportsmanship and values before winning and a person who markets Wynberg proudly to all she meets.

Today we are immensely honoured to be the cheering section of the Olympic team – sending our very special Olympian to Athens.

Ms Edwards, Michelle, we wish you well as you travel and play in the most prestigious sports competition in the world and we know that you will do yourself, Wynberg Girls’ High School and South Africa proud.

It is my great pleasure, in recognition of the fact that you exemplify all the criteria for this award, to ask you to step forward and accept Wynberg Girls’ High School’s highest award – The Golden Lion.