Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

This code of conduct was drawn up by the Representative Council of Learners in 2000. This Code of Conduct is augmented and supplemented by the school rules.



The Code of Conduct is aimed at protecting the rights and defining the duties of learners at the school.


1. Paragraphs in Government Gazette vol.395, 15 May 1998. No.18900, General Notice no. 776 of 1998:

  1. Nothing shall exempt a learner from complying with the Code of Conduct of the school. (p.4, para. 3.6)
  2. An educator at the school shall have the same rights as a parent to control and discipline the learner according to the Code of Conduct during the time the learner is in attendance at the school, any classroom, school function or school excursion or school related activities. (p.4, para. 3.7)
  3. Ignorance of these (school and classroom) rules is not an acceptable excuse.(p.8. para. 5.1(f))

2. Amendment of the Code of Conduct

  1. The Governing Body of the School may amend the Code of Conduct annually.

3. Infringement of the Code of Conduct

  1. Learners who are found to be guilty of an infringement of the Code of Conduct may be subject to disciplinary measures approved by the Governing Body. These may take the form of,inter alia, community service in the school; additional or corrective learning or educational tasks; detention after school; suspension or expulsion from school.
  2. Parents or guardians of learners who have damaged, defaced or stolen school property may be required to pay for the repair, restoration or replacement of such property.

4. Grievances

  1. A learner who has reasonable cause to believe that she has been treated unjustly or inappropriately by a fellow learner or by an educator shall have recourse to a higher authority in the school or failing that, to the Governing Body or failing that, to the relevant educational authorities of the province.
  2. Learners are expected to follow appropriate channels and procedures when expressing a grievance.


1.  Speech and Conduct

A learner shall speak and conduct herself in a manner that:

  1.  is respectful and considerate of the person, convictions, culture, function and privacy of others;
  2. complies with the accepted norms and values of the school
  3.  promotes a culture of learning and cooperative participation in the process of education.

A learner shall not speak or conduct herself in a manner that :

  1.  is vulgar, threatening, abusive, provocative, profane, slanderous or insubordinate;
  2. disrupts or obstructs education;
  3. invades or betrays the right to privacy of others
2.  School Property
A learner shall protect and carefully use the facilities, equipment, and materials of the school.
A learner shall not:
  1. spoil, deface or damage these or use them wastefully;
  2. use them without proper authorisation or permission;

3.  Other Property

  1. A learner shall respect the property, including the intellectual property,of others.
  2. A learner shall take due care of her own possessions.

     A learner shall not:

  1. take, borrow or use the property or materials of others without the authority or proper permission to do so;
  2. copy or attempt to copy any work or  material in an unauthorised manner.

4.   Unauthorised objects, materials or substances

A learner shall not have in her possession, nor shall she conceal, use, give or sell to others any:

  1. weapon;
  2. alcoholic beverage;  tobacco product;  narcotic or dangerous substance or object;
  3. pornographic or profane material.

5.   Unauthorised Persons

  1. A learner shall not invite any unauthorised person into the school or to any school related activities or functions.

6.    A learner shall not give a false identity.

7.    Attendance

  1. A learner shall regularly attend school and school related activities and functions to which she is committed.
  2. A learner shall not absent herself without proper permission or authority.

8.    School Uniform
A learner shall wear the approved school uniform and approved school accessories in the correct and appropriate manner:

  1. at school and at school related activities;
  2. when travelling to and from school and at all times when wearing school uniform.

This Code of Conduct is augmented and supplemented by the school rules.