The Wynberg Way

The Wynberg Way


At Wynberg we will take ownership of our choices and we will behave in a way that:

  • Shows respect for everyone
  • Creates an environment in which teaching and learning can take place
  • Ensures that all visitors and members of the Wynberg family continue to view our school as one with positive values and exemplary behaviour.

In the classroom we will:

  • Enter the class and stand until greeted by the teacher and given permission to sit.
  • Bring all books and complete all homework and assignments on time.
  • In behaviour and speech, interact appropriately with teachers and learners.
  • Remain seated, unless given permission to leave seat.
  • Pay attention to the lesson and allow one person to speak at a time, unless total silence is required.
  • Complete our own work unless permission is given to work as a group has been given by the teacher.
  • Stand and greet another teacher/visitor who enters the classroom.
  • Listen to announcements and pack away books and equipment only when instructed by the teacher.
  • Stand and leave the class only when dismissed by the teacher.

In the school and grounds, we will:

  • Walk on the left hand side of the passage and stairs.
  • Allow members of staff and visitors to make their way unhindered through the corridors.
  • Greet all visitors to our school and offer them assistance in reporting to the school office.

In assembly, we will:

  • Enter in classes, in complete silence and in an orderly way.
  • Remain standing until greeted by the teacher and given permission to sit.
  • Remain quiet during assembly.
  • Face the front and not distract other learners.