Learning leadership…

Learner Leadership is an annual project for the Grade 11 learners, to allow them to discover and develop skills of leadership and teamwork before applications for school leadership positions are made available. The girls are divided into different groups, and each group is given a unique project. The girls are given the freedom and independence to tackle […]

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Leadership Applications 2014 – the beginning of a new chapter for Wynberg

Almost too soon, it is already that time of year again. Manifestos have been pinned on boards, speeches have been heard, and letters of application have been submitted. The leadership selection cycle has begun! As a Grade 11 student, applying for a leadership position is no easy task. The decision to apply in itself is […]

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Grade 11 Leadership Workshop: Part Two

On the 13th of June the Grade 11 Learner Leadership students participated in the second part of our Leadership Workshop, Lead4Life – the aim of which was to further shape the future leaders of Wynberg and prepare us for the busy months ahead. The course started with a basic overview of our first session. We discussed […]

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Grade Eleven Lead4Life Seminar

On Thursday evening, Grade Eleven learners participating in the Wynberg Girls’ High Learner Leadership Programme had a wonderful opportunity to participate in a Leadership Workshop hosted by the Lead 4 Life organisation. The seminar’s aim was to promote “embracing the opportunity to lead”. This was done through a series of theoretical and practical components, in […]

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Three trees in Athlone – Learner Leadership – 2013

Who would have thought that to plant three trees in Athlone would take four weeks in the planning? The AK Leadership group consisting of Yeukai Chamba, Adonia Slabbert, Nikiwe Xhakwe, Michaela Nefdt, Naeema Kazi, Deshal  Pema and Zeleah De Sousa thought long and hard about a community project that would benefit the environment in some […]

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Learner leadership project: Grade 8 Spirit Builder

On Wednesday, 20 March, the Grade Eights participated in a games afternoon, organised by a group of Grade 11 learners as part of a Learner Leadership programme offered by the school. The afternoon consisted of a variety of fun-filled activities taken from all four pillars of the school – academics, culture, service and sport. The […]

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