Christian Union drama for Tenterden

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This term at Christian Union we decided that we wanted to actively connect heads, hearts and hands. Using our hands we decided to act out a play on something close to our hearts that would cause the audience to think with their heads. After contacting and confirming a date with Tenterden, place of safety for children, we went about giving out acting roles and preparing for our play.

The play starts with an old lady who is attacked by a thief and left beaten up on the side of the road. A runner passing by apologises for not stopping as she needs to keep up her pace if she wants to beat her running record. A passing paramedic mumbles under her breath and walks on. She has just gotten off duty and doesn’t have enough energy left to help this old lady after a long day at work. Some passing rich ladies don’t want to spoil their appearances by helping her and so apologise to her and walk on. Just when she’d given up hope of being rescued, her rescuers came along. They, however, were not at all the type of heroes that you would expect. They were the type of people that society looks down on. They were the bad guys, gangsters.

This is often what it’s like in our society today; we are too busy keeping up with the fast pace of our lives to stop and help those in need, we spend our days trying to save the world and we don’t notice those around us who really need our help, or otherwise we are afraid of our appearances being dishevelled with all the ‘dirty work’ that helping people can sometimes involve. You don’t have to be of the same social standing or ‘pedigree’ as someone in order to give them a helping hand to get back on their feet.

We ended off by teaching the kids a rap that Julia White-Phillips, one of our committee members, had written especially:

We should help one another,

Care for each other,

Jesus even said we should love one another.

Doesn’t matter where you are,

doesn’t matter who it is,

you should help the old lady no matter what they say!

Our idea was to encourage the youngsters to be neighbourly to one another and to lift people up instead of pulling them down by the use of a modernized version of a story that Jesus told. And to get them to consider helping those in need. Most of their own family situations are difficult and confusing but each of them has the ability to reach out, even in small ways, to those around them to show that they care.

 by Gabriella Espin