MSA Cultural Tour – an inspiring occasion

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On Monday, 22 April, the MSA girls and their parents were up and running at 6:30 in the morning, ready to embark on their Cultural Tour. With Mr Ismaeel Davids as our tour guide, the group travelled around Cape Town, visiting some of the shrines of those who, arriving as slaves, brought Islam to the Cape through the Holy Quran.

Some of the shrines visited included the Sayed Mahmud in Constantia and Noorul Mubein in Oudekraal. With three hours left of our day, the group then met up with Shireen Nackedien, who guided us through the streets of Bokaap. An informative and inspiring speaker, she told us of the history of some of the buildings and the place itself. There was time for a brief visit to the Bokaap Museum, and an opportunity to perform our afternoon prayer in one of the oldest mosques in Cape Town.

Even though most of us (prior to the event) might have thought that we would have preferred to sleep in that Monday morning, at the end of the day there was little doubt that the girls thoroughly enjoyed the experience and found it extremely informative. It’s not often that we are given this kind of opportunity to learn so much more about our very own home.

Rifqah Francis

The following correspondence was received from parents after the event:

Dear Mrs Moerat and the MSA girls

Despite my aching muscles today, I feel rejuvenated.

Thank you so much for organising yesterday’s tour.  The Tour Guides were awesome and very passionate about their subjects and this made the tour an excellent learning opportunity.  I, personally found the whole day to be a great way to end the weekend.   It was really a wonderful way to find balance:  I had time to relax in the bus; enjoy nature and the most stunning views, spent quality time with my daughter; had lots of physical activity; connected with people; had lots of reminders of fond childhood memories; gained so much knowledge; felt spiritually uplifted and very privileged to have seen our beautiful city from a different perspective.

This day will definitely be one of my fond memories of Wynberg Girls’ High School

Keep up the great work!

and another

Assalamu alaykum  Mrs Moerat

Shukran so much to you and the MSA for a wonderful tour to the Kramat and the Bo-Kaap yesterday. Our days are always so filled with work and other issues, we don’t always get a chance to re-connect with what is important. This was a truly wonderful experience  being able to re-connect with our tradition and culture, and even more enjoyable being able to spend the day with my daughter.

Thanks so much.

Kind regards