• Introduction
  • “The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential… these are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence.” –  Confucius

    Wynberg Girls High offers a wide variety of team and social sports from which our learners can choose. These include:

    Summer Sport

    Athletics, Diving, Indoor Hockey, Road Running, Tennis, Squash, Team Swimming, Synchronised Swimming, Waterpolo

    Winter Sport

    Chess, Cross-Country Running, Hockey, Netball, Squash

    All Learners are catered for, from the beginners who would like to try out a new sport and play socially, through to the extremely talented who want to represent their School, their province and ultimately their country in their specific sport. Participation is keen and while all learners are strongly encouraged to participate in a summer and a winter sport, it is compulsory in the Junior grades.

    The school prides itself on its wonderful facilities:

    • an Astroturf complex – with two astroturfs, one of which is floodlit
    • a hockey clubhouse
    • 6 tennis and netball courts
    • the diving pool
    • an aquatic sports centre
    • a gym and ballet hall

    The learners of Wynberg Girls’ High benefit from the unique circumstances of being able to share facilities with our brother and sister schools. Diving and Waterpolo pools, indoor swimming pool, two Hockey Astroturf fields, sports fields, netball/ tennis and squash courts are among the impressive facilities in the magnificent grounds of the combined schools.

    Learners are also given the opportunity to travel on Domestic and International Tours with their teams.

    Wynberg started the Annual All Girls’ Schools Sports & Cultural Festival back in 2001 and since then it has grown into a huge Festival and is held all over the country. Wynberg Girls continues to support this event annually and our 1st Waterpolo team also participates in the St Peter’s Waterpolo Tournament held annually in Johannesburg.

    Learners are recognised for their sporting achievements throughout the year, with many of our girls gaining provincial colours for their chosen sports and some going on to achieve their national colours. Learners who do not participate in official schools sports are also given recognition for excellence in their chosen sports and we have many who have excelled in sports such as horse-riding, sailing, shooting, dancing, martial arts and gymnastics.

    All Wynberg schools are encouraged to support each other in the various inter-schools events allowing learners to experience the benefit of a co-educational system, where they stand as one in supporting their teams.

    Ms J Hudson-Windsor is the teacher in charge of the Sports Pillar. The student Sports Head works closely with her to strengthen and develop all sporting activities in this area. The position of student Sports Head is applied for by Grade Elevens at the beginning of the third term, and on the basis of a letter of application, an interview by a panel of interviewers and achievements in the past, she is appointed for the year.

    Areas of responsibilities for the Sports Head include:

    • Head of all sports groups and liaising with heads of individual groups which fall under this portfolio
    • Be part of team supervising attendance at all sporting activities and disciplining as required
    • Responsible for overall standard of notice boards which relate to sporting matters
    • Announce Sports results and acknowledge outstanding performance in all areas of sport (WP reps etc.)
    • Acknowledge outstanding sportsmanship and announce on suitable occasions
    • Ultimate responsibility of ensuring that all captains check full teams have ticked names and help find replacements as required
    • Ensure Heads of individual Sports Keep record of all sports results and update web-site as required
    • Keep records for archives of all special/outstanding sporting events
    • Ensure media department knows when photographs are required/special sporting events are taking place

    Always behave in a manner that is befitting of a Wynberg Girl and uphold all the codes and requirements of the School, leading as an example to others.

  • News from the Sports Pillar

  • Colours in Sport
    The members of the ‘Colours Committee’ referred to in this document are the Principal, the Deputy Principals and the teacher Heads of the four Pillars (Academic, Culture, Service and Sport).


    12, 13:               Half Colours    – Braiding on sleeve of blazer
    14, 15, 16, 17:   Full Colours     – Braiding of blazer
    18 or higher:   Protea Award – Braiding of blazer. Gold pocket badge replacement


    4 Member of WGHS 1st Team or age-group A-team for at least 2 years – played in at least 90% of the games
    5 Member of WGHS ‘A’ Team – played in at least 80% of the games; Regional / Zonal / Development Provincial
    Colours based on opinion of at least one qualified, reliable reference; Athletics – selection to Champ of Champs; Netball – selection to final round WP trials
    6 Member of WGHS First Team – played in at least 80% of the games; Regional / Zonal / Development Provincial Colours (WP Netball/Athletics/Swimming etc invited to attend Western Cape trials); based on opinion of at least one qualified, reliable reference that pupil’s ability would ensure U18 provincial selection;
    7 Junior Provincial / Western Cape Colours (U16/U15) for participation at an officially recognized National Tournament
    8 Provincial Colours / Western Cape Colours for participation at an officially recognized U18 or Senior National Tournament
    9 South African Age-Group (Under 18B/17/16/15/14) or South African Schools Development / High Performance Squad
    10 Senior National Colours
    South African Squad
    South African Under 18A or South African Under 21 A / B / Development Squad

    ** As provincial team selection can often be very subjective and influenced by policies and politics, an attempt must be made to use opinions of outside experts for some cases, rather than rely completely on provincial selection.


    Commitment scale (for the particular season just past)

    3 100% attendance of team practices (allowing for ONE to TWO legitimate illness excuses)

    Pupil’s contribution limited to participation and general commitment to team, practices & fixtures

    Good behaviour, positive role within the team

    Helpful, friendly and an asset to the team environment

    4 100% attendance of team practices (allowing for ONE to TWO legitimate illness excuses)

    All qualities described above

    Pupil’s contribution generally exceeds expectations of coach but pupil does not assist beyond the call of duty or show initiative

    5 100% attendance of arranged team practices (allowing for ONE to TWO legitimate illness excuses)

    Integrity and sportsmanship beyond question

    Places needs of team above personal needs

    Meets all commitments- this includes attending meetings, ticking off lists, being punctual etc

    Shows exceptional initiative (organises team-builders/fundraisers/spirit-building/sponsorship etc)

    Encourages and takes an interest in junior players, always setting a perfect example in her appearance and behaviour

    Assists pupils and staff beyond the call of duty- this might include administrative duties, coaching and umpiring/refereeing, taking the initiative to offer her services

    Exhibits positive leadership and respectful behaviour to staff, coaches and team

    A positive, constructive influence in the team, ensuring discipline, neatness and pride in the team and in the school


    1 1 year involvement in the sport at WGHS
    2 2 years involvement in the sport at WGHS
    3 3 years involvement in the sport at WGHS
    4 4 years involvement in the sport at WGHS
    5 5 years involvement in the sport at WGHS

    **         Special concessions may be made for a learner from another school, if they were actively involved in the sport at their previous school. Will have to be based on referral from previous school, if there is any doubt.

    **         A pupil who has not actively participated in at least 70% of the practices and matches as a result of illness of injury should not be considered for colours for that particular sport.  However, if they have attended the practices and assisted with administrative/ organizational/ coaching tasks they may be considered for service colours to that particular sport


    SUMMER                                           WINTER
    Athletics                                                    Cross Country
    Diving                                                        Hockey
    Indoor Hockey                                         Netball
    Swimming                                                 Squash
    Synchronised Swimming


    • WGHS Colours only awarded to Grade 10, 11 and 12.
    • Recognition of Grade 8 & 9 provincial selection/achievement will be by means of a WGHS certificate.
    • The WGHS Colour Committee has the right to withhold or withdraw colours should they deem the potential recipient has not been a true reflection of a Wynberg Girl.
    • The emphasis of these awards is that they are Wynberg Girls’ High School Colours and The School’s recognition of achievement and service to Sport and not simply a form of recognition of provincial representation.
    • Full colours are NOT an automatic progression from half colours. Decisions will be made based on standards, competition and other factors taken into account by the Heads of Sport and appropriate coaches/captains of the sport (hereafter referred to as Colour Committee). Re-awards may be made for ALL awards.
    • New awards may be made at the conclusion of the season or at the end of a year, and account shall be taken of performance over the season or year.
    • A re-award shall not be awarded within twelve months of that award being made previously.
    • The above notwithstanding, matriculants may be considered for any award at the end of any term in which that activity takes place.