Golden Lions of Wynberg

The Golden Lion Award is the highest award given at Wynberg Girls’ High School. The criteria for the award are as follows:

• A person who has excelled in one or more of the four pillars and

• who has an above-average academic record

• and whose attitude towards school and whose character best display the qualities defined in our motto “Honour before Honours

• and who is a credit to her school and community.

Recipients of the Golden Lion Award

October 2013 – Lauren Gildenhuys; Anna Jacobs
May 2013 – Ingrid Jonker (posthumously)
October 2011 – Quanita Bobbs; Meghan Daniels
October 2010 – Amy Campbell; Rehana Odendaal; Clare Rodseth
October 2008 – Gail Bristow
October 2005 – Ilse Davids
July 2004 – Michelle Edwards
October 1998 – Barbara Fay
1997 – Michelle Wilsnagh
October 1996 – Sally Cox; Lynne Martin
October 1995 – Kirstin Lewis
October 1994 – Megan KerrLeanne Maitland
October 1991 – Alison Lansdown
October 1990 – Paula West; Robyn Freeman