✨If you were expecting a sparkle, you got FIREWORKS! ?

What a show! Our dancers in Raising the Barre did just that last night: they gave their hearts and souls and the audience loved it.  In a beautifully balanced and exciting show, Jackie Badenhorst provided us with an inspired evening of dance. From ballet to ballroom to streetwise and sassy hip hop we journeyed through the worlds created in the fusion of colour music and movement. The pity of it was that there was only one performance!

Those who were there would have tapped into the magic of Wynberg. Uncompromising in excellence, on the strength and femininity of our young women, counterbalancing a range of dance styles which highlighted their value, this show allowed us into a very exciting world.

Congratulations to the dancers from DanceSport, the Dance Society and Dance Studies who provided us with a wonderful evening’s entertainment.