? Celebrating with the stars of Wynberg Girls’ High

On Wednesday the 27 September, the Moyo Restaurant in Kirstenbosch was the perfect venue for an evening celebrating our Wynberg girls’ achievements. The mood was set with the dim lighting, great music and the gorgeous traditional face painting which made everyone excited about the dinner ahead.

Aqeelah Haron Allie, an old girl and Fashion Blogger gave our girls an inspirational speech about following one’s passions and learning how to juggle one’s commitments, something we all need to master. At the heart of her success, Aqeelah said, were the values and the practices instilled at Wynberg Girls’ High.

One of the focuses of the evening is the awarding of the 125th Past Pupils’ Pillar Trophies. These trophies are awarded to the top achievers in each of the pillars and are awarded to candidates on a points-based system. Winners of these prestigious trophies in 2017 were:

Isobel Evans (Academics),
Hong Ju Nam (Culture),
Kayla Garcia (Service)
and Aamina Williams (Sport).

It was definitely a night to remember – filled with amazing food, laughter and of course lots of photographs. Hopefully, we too will continue to allow the values, lessons learnt at our school and the following of our motto, Honour Before Honours, to be our guiding star.

Share the occasion with our achingly beautiful women of worth!