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On November 12 Nathan Lewis, accomplished and talented piano teacher in the Music Department of Wynberg Girls’ High,  was invited to attend a private and extraordinarily insightful talk by Ukrainian born pianist, Valentina Evgenievna Lisitsa.  She is a highly respected virtuoso who has revolutionised the relationship between social media and Art music. In attendance were numerous, respected, young musicians as well as seasoned performers, and it was the first occurrence of such a “conversation” session with what Cape Town Concert Series describes as  a “Celebrity performer.”

Lisitsa discussed how her online and offline popularity exponentially increased through the use of social media. Lisitsa would stream rehearsals and even performances and in turn, reach an even greater audience than expected.

During a concert or performance, one is often discouraged from making recordings or taking pictures however, this brilliant artist encourages it! Her belief is that through the use of publishing on social media even snippets of a rehearsal leading up to a performance, one could reach an even greater and more diverse audience. The need for more youth to be attending classical music performances is great.

Claiming an online presence is a trend currently being followed by many musicians, concert halls, orchestras, opera choruses, and opera houses. To name but a few, the Metropolitan opera house currently has an Instagram account which documents the variety of apparel gracing the hall at a given performance under the tag #lastnightatthemet . This exciting account shows that it is not only the glamorous ball gown or formal tuxedo in attendance, but also the smart and business casual.

Opening the classical music performance tradition to social media in the way which Lisitsa has lead has revolutionized the attitude toward the tradition and made the entire event a more inclusive one.