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On Thursday, 14 September, the highly anticipated hockey match between Wynberg’s 1st Team and the Old Girls took place.

The 1st Team players shared emotions of both excitement and nervousness leading up to the match. These feelings were due to the tough competition they were up against. The star-quality Old Girls team featured many women’s provincial representatives and three South African players. Ilse Davids, a former teacher at WGHS, Candice Manuel and Quanita Bobbs. They displayed quick, clean hockey which earned them an early goal. The 1st Team struggled to play their own style of hockey in the beginning, but gradually gained some rhythm and earned themselves many scoring opportunities.

Due to change of umpire in the second half, Amina Williams, first team captain, scored their first goal off a ‘fairly’ given penalty stroke. Even though the Past Pupils were leading 4-1, the first team believed they had a chance. They went on to score a legitimate second goal. The energy of both sides picked up, with each team trying to prove something to the other. The cheers and laughter on and off the field created a fun environment to play in. The game ended in smiles, hugs and pictures with the final result being 4-2 to the Old Girls.

The Past Pupils were proof that Wynberg produces quality hockey players and that great things lie ahead of the current 1st Team. Well done to both teams for playing such an entertaining match.


Past Pupils Hockey Team


Netball first team won 22-17
Hockey Past Pupils won 4-2