? A dark room, full of mirrors and tall cylindrical tanks exuding otherworldly vibes …

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The grade 11 Life Sciences girls visit the Two Oceans Aquarium on 8 September for an interactive experience with the creatures they are currently studying

The grade 11 outing to the Two Oceans Aquarium was more than just a way to bring to life the content of our Life Sciences textbooks; it was a memorable experience and a chance to interact with the subaquatic world that exists parallel to our own.

The aquarium is the only place at which you can experience sea life at such close proximity, without ever needing to don a scuba diving suit. While every exhibit was a sight to behold, the ethereal Jelly Gallery was a personal favourite. The dark room, full of mirrors and tall cylindrical tanks, exuded otherworldly vibes as the jellyfish (phylum Cnidaria, by the way) pulsed in coloured light. In the lab, we also got the opportunity to learn about and touch the little creatures that inhabit our shorelines.

At the Aquarium

Coming face-to-face with the larger denizens of the deep, like the ragged tooth shark (phylum  Chondrichthyes), with a only a few centimetres of glass keeping you apart sounds a lot more glamorous than, say, viewing zooplankton through a microscope. However, every part of the vast ocean’s diversity of life is essential to maintain the balance of the complex and delicate marine ecosystem. As we walked around the aquarium filling in a worksheet, we discovered lesser-known facts about the smaller plants and animals that we would otherwise have skipped past.

Besides being intriguing and educational, the visit to the aquarium really puts into perspective how many living organisms, including humans, depend on the ocean. It is our responsibility as the dominant species on this planet to take care of our oceans and the treasures within.

                                                                                                Aneesa Rawat