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Raising the BarreJackie Badenhorst received an email from one of our parents who attended Raising the Barre:

I am not sure if you know Klaus Warschkow.  He writes about dance in Cape Town (and SA) and attends most of the dance around the city.  He contacted me on Thursday afternoon about Raising the Barre and manage to get to the performance on Thursday evening which he raved about.  I always check on his page for what is happening in the week to come related to dance and stumbled upon a review he did of Raising the Barre.  

She attached it to the mail, in case we hadn’t seen it, and we republish it here:

#klausdoesnotdance Dance Retrospect 2017W35
Published by Klaus Warschkow for #klausdoesnotdance
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Just one opinion

“Raising the barre – a dance showcase” by Wynberg Girlsʼ High School learners at Vera Lawton Hall at Wynberg Girlsʼ Junior School (31 August 2017)

This was an event I stumbled upon merely hours before curtain call and luckily circumstances enabled me to watch the show. “Raising the barre – a dance showcase” was one of the most entertaining high school dance showcases I have seen. The audience attendance was fantastic and the Vera Lawton Hall nearly sold out. Rather unusual for a high school showcase. The choice of music for almost all of the pieces was excellent. Lots of instrumental works and those with vocals were not bad either. The choice of costumes were at a high standard and very fitting to the works. The pieces showcased were of varied dance styles and none of the performances was displeasing. In almost all of the works were dancers that were a real joy to watch.

My favourite works were: “Ballet own choice”, a solo performed by Bianca Bassett, who stood out with strength and excellent technique whenever she performed. Most delightful to watch. “Contrasts” and “Pressure”, two duets performed by Bianca Bassett and Nadine Accom. The costumes in “Pressure” were adorable. “Borne Frees” choreographed by Celeste Botha and Marlin Zoutman from New World Dance Theatre. This work was part of the “Borne Frees – Hear our voices” show performed at the Artscape Theatre earlier this year. Beautiful opening solo by Bianca Bassett followed by strong group performances. I was certain Celeste and Marlin had great joy choreographing for this group of Wynberg Girlsʼ High School students for the show, and they confirmed, that it was a pleasure, when asked. “Gone” was performed by Simone Neethling, who had a strong and wonderful stage presence and was most noticeable whenever she performed. “Latin showcase” performed by Nadine Accom and her dance partner Joel Lottering – although Latin is not my favourite dance form, this performance was most enjoyable. Other works of notice were: “Dust in my pocket”, “Endless fight” and “Heavy”. Sadly I canʼt put faces to the names so canʼt point out the dancers I enjoyed the most in these pieces. All these works were performed by Dance Studies students.

The works performed by the extramural students of the Dance Sport Team and Dance Society were most enjoyable as well. There were dancers in each of the urban dance works that genuinely felt the dance form and were a joy to watch.

A total of 20 works plus the final were performed in around 75 minutes without an interval. A most enjoyable and entertaining evening.