1st Team Hockey vs Sutton

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On Wednesday 23 October our U18 Hockey Team were fortunate enough to play a match against Sutton, a touring team from the UK. With the matrics now gone, it was an opportunity to put some new players to the test and to try out different combinations in preparation for 2014.

Wynberg found themselves in an early attacking position, resulting in numerous circle entires. Jamie Southgate had two scoring opportunities quite early on, but started what seemed to be the trend for both teams throughout the match, when both her attempts at goal went wide. Nevertheless, Wynberg maintained the upper hand with early releases and throwing the ball into open spaces. A lapse in judgement resulted in a runaway ball for Sutton and they claimed the first short corner of the game. With some quick footwork by goalkeeper, Valeshka Harkhu , Wynberg managed to clear the ball out wide. Once again, some good build-up play and accurate passing by Wynberg resulted in another circle penetration, but a lack of commitment to finishing off the move resulted in no goal. But Wynberg’s continuous effort payed off when they were awarded their first penalty corner. Unfortunately Cara Geere was met with some opposition and Wynberg couldn’t get the ball past the keeper, but Wynberg held on to possession and a beautiful pass resulted in Jamie entering the circle but the goalkeeper managed to clear the ball wide. Sutton got an opportunity to go on the attack and put Wynberg under some immense pressure for a few minutes. Some excellent skills from Valeshka in the goals enabled Wynberg to turn over possession and Wynberg eventually got a short corner one minute before half time. Sasha Sivertsen took the shot but unfortunately the ball was deflected off the keeper’s pads and went out.

Wynberg started the 2nd half strong and determined. An early circle entry and an error by Sutton resulted in a short corner to Wynberg. The first one didn’t go Wynberg’s way, neither did the second. A great effort by the strikers but once again the ball couldn’t find the backboard. Just before the final whistle blew, Nicole Alexander received a beautiful ball across the goals but sadly her attempt at goal went wide.

A frustrating match with neither team managing to score, but promising play by some up and coming players!

Final score 0-0.