2015 Prize Giving and Valedictory Service

This is always an emotional time of year for the matrics and those they have made an impact on while at Wynberg. This year’s prize giving and valedictory was very special with an absolutely beautiful and tear-jerking performance from the choir as a tribute to the 2015 matrics. There was a strong sense of pride from the parents, teachers, other Wynberg girls who attended as the girls walked across our stage for the last time and received their various prizes.

It definitely hit home for the Grade Elevens who knew these matrics quite well and suddenly realized how soon this experience was for them. Wynberg is such a family and one really has the feeling that everyone is rooting for you and the happiness gained from the victory of one girl is shared among all.

The day started with the informal valedictory where the girls got their shirts signed and proceeded to the hall. The grade elevens sang to them and they sang for the school. Afterwards, a video was watched, highlighting all their memories and showing how they have grown and changed while at school.

Watching that video, it was very clear that these girls have changed greatly while at Wynberg, and while the school might not have wanted to let them go there was a general feeling that they were now young women ready to take on the world and make their alma mater proud.

The rest of the school went home early and the school council for 2016 along with the parents stayed for the more formal valedictory where the girls received their prizes. Mr Richardson (the headmaster at Wynberg Boys) was the guest speaker and his speech was both inspiring and light hearted and left the audience with smiles on their faces. There was a stellar musical interlude from Nadine Eddy (accompanied by HongJu Nam)

Once the ceremony was done the quad was filled with crying girls in their beige jerseys and brown blazers for the last time that they were would receive lessons from their teachers. The school is truly proud of them and the prize giving and valedictory were the perfect send off, before they begin the hard work needed for their final exams and the writing of those critical papers.


Sam de Mink & Annique smaller