2016 Matric Prize Giving – Special Awards

Dana Arries Copenhagen Cup Sportsmanship
Kirsten Roodman Jill Cubie Trophy For all round achievement in sport
Jamie Southgate Illse Davids Trophy Most Outstanding Sportswoman
Lara Pollecutt Anderson Trophy Most enthusiastic waterpolo player
Gabriella Liversage Wynberg Cup Synchronised Swimming
Kirsten Roodman Waterpolo Trophy Most Outstanding Player
Chelsea Manoek Cavalier Indoor Cup Best Indoor Hockey Player
Dana Arries Trophy Tennis Player of the Year
Kirsten Roodman Wynberg Cup Cross-country
Zoë Koff Flint-Cresswell Trophy Best Open Netball Player
Sasha Sivertsen Ryan Pillay Trophy Hockey Player of the Year
Jamie Southgate Hester Baartman Trophy Most Outstanding Senior Hockey Player
Tyralee Nel Suttle Trophy Service to the Cultural Pillar
Robyn Benjamin Lindy Anderson Trophy Outstanding Contribution to the Drama Department
Constance Chiwaula De Villiers Shield For inspirational work in drama
Savannah Steyn Gilda Green Trophy Excellence in Drama
Tyralee Nel Nan Melville Cup Best Actress
Dayna Neethling Carol Shapiro-Dodds Trophy Outstanding achievement in Dance Studies – this year awarded for choreography
Tasha Ainsworth McIntosh Trophy Excellence in Dance
Rebekah Nathan 1967 Std 10 Cup Public Speaking
Sarah McDonald Trofeo Flautista Excellence in Flute
Monique Harrison Helen Slater Trophy Best Clarinetist or Saxophonist
Sarah McDonald Norris Cup Music Performance
Monique Harrison Sforzando Trophy Overall Contribution and Participation in the Music Department
Huda Ely Wynberg Old Girls’ Union Prize Service and Fellowship (votes of girls in Grades 9 to 12)
Huda Ely Harewood Cup Service
Jodi Louis Shena Wells Prize Service to the Library
Kiara Moodley Lander Prize For service to the school
Tinita Flint Sue Gow Floating Trophy Service to the School
Flora Bottoman Victor & Katherine de Villiers Memorial Prize Perseverance
Asheerah Meyer Philllip Peche Trophy Achievement under difficult circumstances
Zoë Koff 1987 Auxiliaries Trophy Participation and Enthusiasm
Tasha Ainsworth 2001 Matric Cup Spirit and Enthusiasm in School Activities
Daniela Alves Picton Prize Encouraging Positive Spirit Amongst Her Peers
Faith Abrahams Caxton Books Award Upholding the motto “Honour Before Honours”
Tyralee Nel Courtney Clarke Cup Courtesy and Deportment
Thandeka Chakanyuka Gladys Lazarus Memorial Prize Awarded to someone whose careful speech and courteous ways make her a credit to the school
Ceara Mullins Past Pupils’ Bursary
Vuya Puzi WGHS Xhosa Society Trophy Promotion of Cultural Harmony
Zolisa Kapa E B Lyon Prize Awarded to a girl who is a broadminded South African, bilingual and noted not only for her erudition but for love and sympathy with her fellow pupils.
Lara Harris Rotary Good Fellowship Award Awarded to the student who, in an unobtrusive manner, serves the school best. This citation is intended to identify the learner who has displayed outstanding ability for promoting healthy goodwill, harmony and fair play among her fellows.
Tasha Ainsworth W.O.B.U. Centenary Trophy All-Round Achievement  (Awarded to a learner who has achieved in at least two different fields of school activity and is also in the top 20 academically. )
Aa’isha Dout Annie Rees Bursary (Premier school bursary for further study)
Tasha Ainsworth Rupert Pfeiffer Bursary (for further study)
Aa’isha Dout Phillips Prize First Position in Grade 12 – Dux Pupil
Aa’isha Dout Margaretha van der Spuy Prize Top position in Grade 12 in the September examinations
Meg Anderton Prize Third position in Grade 12    (based on the June and September results combined)
Tasha Ainsworth Prize Second position in Grade 12
Leigh Botha Gail Astwood Literary Award
Tyralee Nel John Richardson.com Cup Best Computer Applications Technology project in Grade 12
Bongi Tunce Mabel Fanana-Mpambo Trophy Highest Mark in isiXhosa Literature in Grade 12
Tarynne Cox Nanda Keerodhur Cup Academic Progress over three years (improvement of over 20%)
Aa’isha Dout Abdurahman Cup Excellence in the Sciences in Grade 12 (highest combined mark in Mathematics, Physical Sciences and Life Sciences)
Razaana Manuel Price Waterhouse Coopers Book Award Highest combined mark in Accounting and Mathematics
Cavanagh (Head of House: Thandeka Chakanyuka) Suttle Trophy Interhouse Singing
Copenhagen (Head of House: Jenna Howes) Pat McEwen Trophy Interhouse Academic Competition
Apsley (Head of House: Joelle Behoor) Interhouse Trophy

Special Prizes - 2016 Matric Prize Giving