50 new donors sign up for October Blood Donation Clinic

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give-blood-give-lifeThe Western Province Blood Transfusion held a clinic at Wynberg Girls’ on Monday, 19 October and while we did not receive the amount of units we aimed for, it was still a success. We managed to collect 24 full units of blood and had an attendance of 64 people. There were over 50 new donor attendances, which is incredible as it shows us how many learners are eager to help others and hopefully all of these donors will come back at the next clinic and be able to donate blood.

The nurses were helpful, caring and extremely accommodating to the needs of the donors, as usual. As it was the first clinic for the new Peer Promotors Team, we are happy to have such wonderful attendance and hope to have many more clinics with the same energy and passion as this clinic was. Congratulations, Wynberg, we have helped save approximately 72 lives.

Chelsea Terry
Head of Peer Promotors