67 Minutes with Interact and Rotoract

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Just a few days before Mandela Day, an “appreciate nurses” post was doing the rounds and read something like this:

Appreciate nurses

It was a thought a comment that resonated, and so on 18th of July, Mandela Day, it was one of the groups of people we thought of spending our 67 minutes with. The Wynberg Girl’s High Interact Committee met with Wynberg Rotaract at Victoria Hospital.  We had made chocolates and notes for the nurses, doctors, security staff and ambulance drivers working there. At the hospital we had a very friendly nurse chaperone us around to the different wards. My favourite part was visiting the paediatric ward. There we donated some kiddies bracelets, dream catchers and cards we made during our weekly Monday sessions.

Our focus this year was not only our hospitals: our appreciation of the Wynberg Police force and the petrol attendants of Wynberg were two other groups we considered. We visited several Petrol Stations and thanked the attendants for their service. We chatted to them and wished them an amazing evening.

Lastly we went to the Wynberg police station. What surprised me most was how many policemen and women work during the evening. It made me realize how dedicated and committed they are to serving our community.

A big thank you to the Wynberg Rotaract or else this extraordinary night would not have been possible.