A bit of Cinderella tennis … just not making it to the ball.

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Our Wynberg Tennis Team girls played some social matches against some of our teachers on the afternoon of 14 March.   There were 5 student couples and 5 teacher couples, with every student couple playing against every pair of teachers. Everyone was very enthusiastic and the matches were played in a very good spirit. There were many fun and interesting rallies with some of the teachers definitely enjoying the opportunity to display some of their skills.

The scores from the matches were varied, with some teachers having more experience than others. Special mention must go to Ms Marnewick, who played tennis for the very first time. The prize for brave leadership goes to her.

The afternoon ended with Mr Hunter and Ms Nel being the teacher couple to win the most games. Mr Schutte and Ms McEwen came a close second, whilst Katherine Nicholls and Savannahs Wiegand were the student couple with the most points.

The afternoon was thoroughly enjoyable and very relaxing. A big thank you to all the teachers and learners who participated. Everyone played with great sportsmanship and we look forward to having another fun-filled afternoon of tennis in the future.