A gratitude board is filled as Wynberg reflects on it’s good fortune…

The peer guides initiative for the first term was the creation of gratitude week. The focus was to make people more thankful for all that they had and for all the people close to them. The idea sparked off from one of our conversations during our meetings about the lack of respect and friendliness between the students amongst themselves and staff. Gratitude week was something we felt could make a difference and it had the ability to create a warmer school environment.

A purple box named ‘Peer Guides’ was placed in the Front Office as of Monday the 7th for girls to drop their letters, notes etc. of gratitude. They could be very creative by making posters, offering gifts, making a phone call etc. Some of those were displayed on the timeline for the duration of gratitude week (07-11 March). Girls were free to remain anonymous and they also had the option to have the identified person remain anonymous. Gratitude week was not only for learners but also for the staff.

The participation was overwhelming and many tutor groups and friend groups made their own personal boxes and ways to show their gratitude. Many people have come up to us to say how big of an impact this week has been for them. Even if people did not write letters, lots of people verbally expressed their gratitude, at school and at home.

“It is not happy people who are thankful. It is thankful people who are happy.”


Examples of Wynberg gratitude or appreciation quotes:

-‘My Grade 3 teacher was someone who I really trusted at a time when I did not trust anyone. She gave me the courage to believe in myself and I want to let her know that I still appreciate it’.
Grade 9 learner

-‘I never even thought about this before (laughing). I think I am going to Facebook my matric leader from when I was in Grade 8 to thank her for all the support she gave me when I was really struggling here’.
Grade 11 learner.

-‘I have a friend outside school who was very ill. Watching him go through his illness made me really grateful for my own health and made me appreciate things so much more’. Grade 12 learner.

-‘I live in a township. Not many people have luxuries or fancy things there. Being able to be at WGHS is something my mother always tells me to NEVER take for granted and to always be grateful for because not everyone has these opportunities’. Grade 10 learner.