A Christmas wish is realised

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Christmas came early for Jessica Bothma, a learner in Grade 9 at Wynberg Girls’ High School, when she and her classmates were surprised by KFM’s “On the Ground” Team on Friday December, 3 to grant her Christmas wish.

KFM, through a sponsorship by YOU, DRUM and Huisgenoot magazine, is donating R25 000 to cover the purchase of a long-awaited new Hearing Aid and FM system for Jessica.

Jessica’s family consists of three generations of members with either partial hearing or complete deafness. Both her grandmother and parents are deaf. She can hear with the help of two hearing aids and can speak fairly well. Jessica has struggled to adjust to mainstream schools in the past, but she adjusted well to Wynberg, being a school that has had experience with hearing impaired learners.

In September this year, the WGHS grade nine learners were given a Technology assignment to research ways of including learners with various disabilities in a mainstream school. Jessica took the opportunity to inform her class about the challenges of having only 30% hearing. She told them that the worst part was not being able to hear the teacher’s voice above the general noises around her, because her current hearing aid was broken.

Her class was then inspired to help her in any way they could and created a group entitled “Amplify the Whispers”. The aim of the group is to raise funds for a new hearing aid and restore Jessica’s ability to hear. The group members emailed and posted letters to various newspapers and radio stations appealing to them for support.

Jessica has spent most of her life repairing her current hearing aid and thanks to her selfless classmates, Wynberg Girls’ High School and especially KFM she now has a fresh start and a brighter future. “My hearing impairment is not my disability in life. Rather it is the attitudes that people have about me that cripple my opportunities in life” said Jessica.