A clean sweep for our Netball teams!

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A good game of netball was played by both Westerford and Wynberg from start to finish. With the WGHS team pushing on the defence side at half time, we had a lead of 6 goals to 2.

In the 2nd half, our girls stayed focused and secured each ball passed, Westerford managed to sneak 3 more goals past our defense players, but with the hard work coming from our attacking side, Wynberg managed to secure the game with the end time score at 12-5. Well done to Michaela Edwards for making the under 14A team this week and holding her own in the Centre position.

This week the under 14B netball team played against Westerford. They won the toss up and chose the first centre pass. The first half Wynberg were very quick with their passes and intercepted quite a number of Westerfordian passes. There were a few foot faults and contact, but the girls quickly turned that around in the 2nd half. First half score was 10-3 in favour of WGHS.

Although, Westerford also picked up their game in the second half, we managed to turn many of their centre passes. The score at full time was 18-6 in WGHS’s favour. Our defence played well. The player of the match is Kaitlin Pearce, who played on a Goal Defence position. She played with extraordinary determination from start to finish and intercepted 80% of passes made to the other team.


The team played a good game of netball, fighting for every ball, and never giving up. Wynberg scored goal after goal, giving Westerford little space to score. When the ball reached the opposing team’s net, the defence players worked hard to get the ball back.  There were few mistakes, but those that were made such as foot faults, could have been prevented.

In the second half the team kept going strong, and played as a unit. The hard work of the team reflected in the final score of 12-1 to Wynberg. Congratulations on a spectacular game of netball girls!

The Wynberg under 15 team players are Hannah Thompson, Ruby Behrens, Jordan Louis, Adriana Verster, Jade Hartnick, Mia Boshoff, Beth Goode. Regrettably, Kayla Fritz couldn’t play because of an injury: this didn’t prevent her cheering her team on from the side line!

Westerford won the toss and started with the ball. WGHS managed to intercept the opposing teams centre passes, and our brilliant shooters, Hannah and Ruby managed to score 9 goals in the first half, allowing WGHS to take the lead with a score difference of 9 goals to 2.

The second half was where WGHS really started to pull away from the opposition, ending the full time score at 20-6 to WGHS. The girls played a brilliant match, giving it their all. Player of the match goes to Jordan Louis for her all-rounder position’s ability and making a number of interceptions during the match.

The u16A team match against Westerford was a well-played match for the Wynberg girls. Passes were strong, and coming forward for the ball is something that has been significantly improved. The half time score was a strong lead to Wynberg at 13-3. Coming back onto the court for the second half, the girls kept up their efforts and finished the game with an impressive 25-8 to Wynberg, Well done, team!

What worked well:
Communication – communication between team members has improved. From the first center pass, people were calling for the ball which allowed the team to gel well.

Playing as a team – this team really worked well together as we trusted one another and backed each other up when someone made a mistake.

People tried their best – some members of the team have had to play positions they haven’t played before, but still managed to pull it off and play to the best of their abilities (especially the WD – first half- and WA) . Not once in the game did people give up or stop trying

Good sportsmanship – there were no bad attitudes and both schools helped out when players were injured.

Over all, this was a good game and a solid win. However, there is definitely room for improvement to strengthen our team.

Half Time score: 9-2 to WGHS
Full Time score: 18-7 to WGHS


Today our girls played against Westerford High School and the match was action-packed from the beginning. At the start Wynberg and Westerford were neck in neck but as the first quarter came to an end, Wynberg was in the lead by one goal with a score of 6-5.

By the  quarter Wynberg had intercepted a few balls – fewer than anticipated – and the attacking side had missed and lost a few balls. However, WGHS managed to keep their lead with a score of 15 goals to 12.

During the last quarter, everyone gave it their all resulting in the under 19A team winning and ending with a score of 29-21. Well done to the team for a well-played game and great first win! Player of the match goes to Natasha Claasen for her brilliant play in the GK position, intercepting the majority of passes coming into the circle.