A frank report by Emma Press on the Grade 8 Social Sciences trip to Simonstown

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On the 18th and 19th of April the Grade 8’s went on their Social Sciences outing to Simons Town. You could feel the excitement building as we prepared to leave the school grounds. It was bound to be an interesting day. Upon departure, we were split into two groups, dividing the grades. We took 3 Springbok Atlas busses, plotting our journey on two maps.

Disconcertingly, it got confusing quickly: some of us ending up on the totally wrong side of the page! Upon arrival, we climbed from the cool air-conditioned interior of the busses into the outdoor heat. My groups first stop was the Simons Town museum, where we walked around in our groups trying hard to find the answers to the challenging questionnaire. This was more difficult than we anticipated and we found it hard to find answers when faced with so much information. Once we had completed this section of the work, we headed to Jubilee Square to enjoy a hour long break in the sunshine. There were also things to see here, like the Just Nuisance statue and vendors selling their wares.

The second stop of the day for my group was the Naval Museum, where we talked to some of the naval officers about the history of the South African Navy, and who provided a few hints on where to look for answers in the second part of our booklet. I couldn’t believe that they still used swords in the navy! I thought they would have moved on to guns by now … apparently not.

I compared the two museums as I walked through the second. The Naval Museum was definitely my favourite. It was definitely an interesting trip.

Emma Press, 8H