A hike to remember for years to come – the Harkerville Trail Hike Report

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On the first morning of the March/April holidays, members of the mountain club set off for the Harkerville Trail near Knysna. After staying a night at a mountain hut and readying our hiking packs, we left early in the morning on our two-day journey. The first day started off in the forest and Mr Bodenstein set the pace as we made our way through the beautiful greenery. Later in the day, the forest opened up to a view of the cliffs and sea and we stopped for a few minutes to take in the breathtaking scenery.

The remainder of the day was spent making our way over the rocks, treacherous at times, until the final trek up the mountain. We found our hut where we enjoyed a well-deserved dinner and sleep. The second day was slightly tougher, due to the rain and our tired muscles. We continued to make our way over the rocks, climbing ladders and clinging to chains. The final ascent was hard-going, but it was all worth it when we reached the top.
After stopping off to buy food, we made our way to Nature’s Valley where we stayed for the final night. We must have looked quite a sight, hobbling around in our dirty hiking clothes, but it was certainly humourous. We were all very relieved to have hot showers and we enjoyed a walk along the beach as the sun went down. All in all, the hike was highly successful and I’m sure we will all remember it for years to come.

Meg Anderton

Harkerville Hike