A much anticipated Life Sciences outing…

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Tygerberg Medical CampusOn Friday, 12th August, the grade 12 Life Sciences students went on an outing to Stellenbosch University’s Tygerberg Medical Campus. The purpose of the outing was to enrich the girls and allow them to see Science in action. Once there, the girls were split into two groups, each group starting off at a different activity. The one activity was a trip around the Medical Morphology Museum, guided by a medical student. The range of displays was extensive and it was fascinating to get to see real examples of organs and diseases we usually only hear about.

The second activity was a look inside one of the dissection halls. In smaller groups, girls huddled around cadavers that had been previously preserved and dissected, as a medical student took them through the various organs and their functions. The girls could also touch and hold some of the structures, a different and exciting way to interact with the information learnt in class. All in all, it was a very fun and interesting outing. It is one that many girls have been anticipating for quite some time and it certainly did not disappoint.