A welcome return to past pupil conservationists, Taryn Joshua and Catherine Kühn

The last day of school began with a presentation by past pupils, Taryn Joshua and Catherine Kühn, on the work being done by the Cape Leopard Trust. Inspired by the late Meg Wilding (Head of Geography and the Mountain Club) they dedicated this presentation to her, commenting that much of their love of and concern for the environment was owing to her wisdom and passion.

In the words of  the Cape Leopard Trust, their “focus on environmental education builds bridges between landowners, farm workers and residents living on the urban fringe so that they can take ownership of protecting the natural environment and biodiversity within their immediate area,”  and the information that Taryn and Catherine shared with us was both informative and inspiring. While they offer a great deal in terms of camps, educational talks, team building exercises, and merchandise that can be bought, they also encouraged us to become advocates of change that leads to conservation of these beautiful animals by sponsoring a camera, adopting a spot or buying a t-shirt. This video from their site, shows just a little of what they do.