Academic Outreach

Through its successful 3-year existence, Academic Outreach (previously known as Equal Education) has become a significant player in the Service Pillar. Providing a tutoring system for our Afritwin partner school, Zimasa, in Langa, we have become a home to fun-loving learning and an abundance of new-found friendships. Specifically focusing on Mathematics and English each week, Wednesday afternoons have become an extra source of enrichment. Scheduled from 15h00 to 16h45, everyone is welcome, not only the academically inclined, to share a new experience with children from a different background. Take a stand, make a change and experience the lives people lead outside the safe Wynberg walls.

Change is definitely what we strive to achieve through this society, even if only in small amounts. However, with the help of the Governing Body and the great generosity of Mrs Thompson, we have been given an even greater platform for change. She has donated R10 000 toward our society for the provision of transport to and from Wynberg for the Zimasa learners. This kind gesture will reduce Zimasa’s burden of trying to raise funding each week to sustain this much-needed programme.

We invite any and all new members throughout the year.

Preanka Gounden
(Head of Academic Outreach)