Achievers’ Dinner 2014 – A Night to Remember

The evening of 2 October 2014 saw both teachers and girls, dressed in their finest, assemble at Simon’s at Groot Constantia for the annual Achievers’ Dinner.  The girls, classed as the top achievers of Wynberg, are invited on a basis of both their achievements in each of the four pillars.

While each girl marvelled at each other’s stunning dresses and the elegance of their teachers, they also seized the opportunity for some photographs, including a few selfies, and socialising.  Once everyone was seated, a salad was served as a starter, and the extraordinary night truly began!

The girls were treated to a speech by Dr Lauren Watson, a highly distinguished former Wynberg girl, who has received numerous awards for her research in the fields of stem cells and neurodegenerative disease.  Among numerous puns stemming from her profession, her speech focuses on something that is hardly, if ever, said- you are not the same person now as the one you will be.  She showed, while keeping the audience smiling, how all your experiences build on each other to make you who you are, and thus, why the school’s motto, “Honour before honours”, is so timelessly important.

After her speech, the main course was served, with a variety of delectable options for the attendees to choose from.  Soon after, it was time for the most anticipated event of the evening: the awarding of the 125th Anniversary Pillar Trophies.  Prior to the evening, girls who wished to win the trophy had been required to submit lists of their various achievements in their most active pillar.  The awards are open to both grade 11s and 12s.

As Mrs Harding drew slips of paper with the winners’ names on them from envelopes, naturally with a dramatic pause before their reading, bubbling excitement filled the restaurant.  Azrah Ismail, Rachel Suttle, Lisa Abrahams and Yeukai Chamba won the academic, cultural, service and sport trophies respectively, all to loud cheering from the other girls.

After thanks were given to Dr Watson, and decadent chocolate brownies and ice-cream were enjoyed by all for desert, the attendees took the opportunity to get photos taken for their various committees, societies and classes.  Slowly but surely, girls began to depart, the joy of the evening still making their faces glow.

Thanks go to everyone who dedicated themselves to making the evening a success, and in particular, Ms Orpen, who organised the event.

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