All Girls’ Festival

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Over the past last weekend, from the 24th to the 27th of April, Wynberg Girls’ High School’s netball and hockey teams took part in the National All Girls’ Festival. The annual event took place in Bloemfontein this year, hosted by Oranje Meisieskool. Twenty two schools from all over the country took part in this festival and the competition was incredibly tough but certainly worth all the effort.

The first day that they arrived at the festival was filled with tangible excitement. The atmosphere was incredible. The opening ceremony was one that will be remembered in the years to come as an amazing experience, filled with wonderful memories. The hospitality that the teams experienced was superb and they felt very well looked after and cared for.

The first hockey team managed to work hard as a team and learnt how to play well together. They have grown as a team and thoroughly enjoyed their time on tour. They had some high points and some low ones but managed to pull through in the end. The first day of the tournament was a great day for the hockey team as out of the four matches they played, they won three and drew one. They pulled their socks up and showed everyone how well the team could play when they worked as a unit. It was a point-filled day, full of enthusiasm and hard work. The second day of the tournament was more difficult for them as they played Eunice, one of the best teams in the country, followed by another hard match. Their game against Eunice was an amazing one. They certainly held their own and gave them a run for their money!

The first playoff game that the team played was a difficult one for them and unfortunately they lost it but they came back fighting on their last day. On the last day of the tournament the team played a great match and ended up drawing the match. The team played bravely with injuries and just kept going with what was thrown at them. They played well together with great passes and teamwork. Coach, Ms Hudson-Windsor and manager, Ms Johnston helped lift the team up and never ceased to believe in them, which certainly allowed the team to push harder.

The u19 netball squad combined players from both the A and B side to form a team to attend the All Girls’ Festival. The teams played in up to five matches each day! With such high pressure and tough competition, there were unfortunately a couple of minor injuries, but the team remained strong and persistent until the final whistle, really giving their all to the matches. Results and scores varied, with victories, losses and near misses, but spirits were not diminished. The head of netball, Mrs Williams, as well as Coach Robyn, formed the sturdy backbone of the team, who never stopped offering encouraging words or valuable advice. The team held their heads high and did their school proud. They did not participate in the tournament to win, however, that would have been an added bonus. Their aim was to learn, and to grow as a squad. As such, their goal was achieved beyond the highest of expectations. Displaying unity, loyalty, pride, and passion for the game, there can be no doubt that these players have grown into shining stars – not only as a squad, but as individual netball players.

Both teams perseveared throughout the tournament and kept their spirits high. With this valuable experience behind them, these Wynberg teams look forward to the upcoming hockey and netball seasons.

Tamsyn Gaynor