All Girls’ Schools National Tour – 27-30 April

A number of us were lucky enough to spend the long weekend with a number of representatives in the cultural and sports pillars at the All Girls’ Schools’ National Festival. To quote our Principal:  the festival takes place annually and was hosted this year by Durban Girls’ High School. There were 1020 young women and 250 adults from 23 state schools in attendance and it was the most amazing celebration of girls’ schools.

An interesting piece of history is that Wynberg, together with Rustenburg, held the inaugural festival in 2000, when only hockey and netball were played. The festival has now grown to include hockey, netball, squash, tennis, touch rugby, debating, public speaking, chess, vocal ensembles, art and drama. Wynberg Girls’ High School will host the festival again in 2021 – girls’ schools certainly plan ahead! The atmosphere was incredible and, although competition was present, many girls will remember this tour for the sense of camaraderie which was felt and the friendships formed. The enthusiasm and pure pleasure of living life to the full was evident.

It was electric to be part of such an amazing group of young women who were encouraged at both the opening and closing ceremony to be the change-agents in our country, to take the incredible power of so many girls and use it not only to succeed personally, but to use their skills to unite every team in which they played and group in which they participated. It was a wonderful privilege to travel with the Wynberg girls who, in my (unbiased) opinion, are the most superb young women.

After a spirited and inspiring opening ceremony where a number of musical items were performed and all schools performed a 30 second war cry, the festival was officially opened and the games could begin!

Below are reports from the categories in which we participated:

Public Speaking
Vocal Ensemble

The following video is a recording of one of the songs that all of the choirs had to learn to perform together.

The results of all of the categories can be found here.