Alleyn School Tour Matches

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On Tues 29 October Wynberg’s U18 Hockey team had another opportunity to play against a touring side from the UK. This time it was Alleyn’s School from London.

Wynberg displayed great initiative and skill right from the start and Alleyn’s quickly found themselves under tremendous pressure in their 25. Wynberg were unlucky not to be awarded an early penalty corner, but their determination eventually paid off and within 5 minutes were awarded their first short corner. Unfortunately the blow went against them again and Alleyn’s won possession. Relentless efforts by Wynberg’s links and strikers resulted in one-way traffic for the rest of the first half, but they just couldn’t manage to upgrade in the circle. Jamie Southgate and Berzilee Pipes showed some great teamwork when they both went on the attack and penetrated the circle, but the ball unfortunately shaved the right bar of the goalbox. Wynberg continued their onslaught and were awarded several scoring opportunities for their efforts but the first half just didn’t deliver the goals.

Wynberg’s attacking stance continued in the second half when Jamie had an early break and ran the ball into Alleyn’s circle. Holding onto the ball for just a second too long resulted in a turn-over, but Wynberg reacted quickly and were awarded another penalty corner. No goal came from their efforts but mounting pressure eventually paid off when Nicole Alexander took a shot at goal, which in turn bounced off the keeper’s pads back into play. Jamie finished off the movement and was awarded a goal for her quick-thinking. Just two minutes before the final whistle blew Wynberg had a sudden surge of energy. This, combined with a lack of judgement by Alleyn’s goalkeeper, resulted in a goal for Amina Williams. Hardly a minute later another goal went Wynberg’s way when Chelsea Manoek laid off a brilliant ball to Berzilee, who hammered the final nail in the coffin and sealed a convincing victory over Alleyn’s. The team learnt how important it is to be confident and take the early shot as soon as a player penetrates the circle. Final score 3-0, Players of the Game were Chelsea Manoek and the captain, Erin Prince, but all our players had great games.

Following the hockey, the girls took to the water where the First Team polo girls played a match against the British touring side. The girls played a brilliant game, scoring a massive 14-0 win and giving them a huge confidence boost. They played really well as a team and also enjoyed watching WBHS play against Alleyn’s boys after their game. Goal-scorers were Christine Abrahamse, Natalie Zeelie, Chelsea Lassen, Kirsten Roodman, and Mishka Malgas. Thanks to all the hockey and netball girls who assisted with the catering and refreshments for everyone at the pool.  Thank you to Deon Lewis for the waterpolo images.


On Wednesday, the 30th of October the Under 16A netball girls played against a touring side, Alleyn School, from the UK. After playing a long match of 4 quarters, the game ended in a draw with 26 goals each. It was an extremely exciting match and both sides showed great sportsmanship and skill on the netball court. Before the match, Alleyn was kind enough to give the U16s a badge with their school emblem as a thank you gift, which was really special.

The afternoon started off with a hype, our under 16 team playing a nail bitter of a game ending with a draw, which we were extremely proud of. The under 19’s took to court, and with our girls being out of season, it was a bit of a basketball game to start off with, the ball bouncing between thirds. Eventually they got their groove back, and got their head in the game.

Trailing the 1st and 2nd quarter by a 3 point difference, we found it difficult to catch up, our shooters, Sasha and Kirsty Duncan really gave it their best, but due to a strong defence, were able to convert 60% of their shots.

The game ended with a score of 32-15 in Allyen’s favour, which was well deserved. The player of the match from Wynberg was Christin Sands, who played a defensive and attacking game, well done to her.