Allowing Failure to be our Teacher, not our Undertaker… advice from Grace Cross

On Tuesday 16 May, Grace Cross, a young practicing artist, visited Wynberg after school and spoke to the Art Society about her work. Born in Zimbabwe and raised in Johannesburg, Washington, DC and New Delhi, she has experienced many different cultures and ways of life across the world.  Cross graduated in South Africa at the Michaelis School of Fine Art in 2010 with her BAFA degree. For her graduate exhibition, “To Intervene in the Forest of Signs” (2010), Grace was co-awarded the Judy Steiner Painting Prize. Her work since forms part of the permanent art collection at the University of Cape Town. She has just completed her MFA at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

She took us on an intriguing path on which we tracked the development of her work, talking about how important and acceptable it is to make mistakes and fail, as it only stimulates a need to try again.

For the hour that she spoke, answered questions and showed many images of her artworks, students were inspired, challenged and informed. It was an entirely pleasurable afternoon.

Grace Cross