Almaas Bailey reports on her Grade 8 Orientation experience

After the long holidays were over, I felt a sense of pride as I finally entered the hallways of WGHS on Tuesday, 10th January! I am sure that all of you readers echo my sentiment that the first day in our beautiful school filled each and every one of us with elation! Coming from WGJS, I realised the importance of bolstering strong bonds of friendship with all the new girls at WGHS. I was curious and excited to finally meet my new peers at last. The spirited welcome and cheering from our Matric girls for us new Grade 8s made many of us girls blush and beam as we experienced a sense of belonging. From that very moment, the fun began.

The matric girls lured us eager-beavers into the hall. This is where we were exposed to a myriad of funky, new dance moves. We experienced the birth of the new WGHS war cry! Many of us girls thoroughly enjoyed mastering the Cha Cha Cha! We had the pleasure of being introduced to the Matric Council. They assured us that 2017 would be a fun-filled year. One of the fun and festivities and probably the highlight of many of the girls’ entire day was the Minute-to-Win-It challenge between the various houses.

Splash! All of us leapt into the swimming pool. It was an afternoon of fun in the water and eating juicy watermelons literally floating about in the pool! The first day of orientation flew by so quickly, proving the old adage “time flies when you’re having fun!” The next day would be the official first day of high school.

Day two began with newfound friends excitedly huddling together, discussing the previous day. When the school bell rang, it signalled the moment of our very first assembly. After being seated, Mrs Harding gave us all the warmest of welcomes. Thereafter we were personally introduced to a few of our new teachers. We were also exposed to the various school societies and enjoyed viewing some of the motivational videos on display. Day two ended with many a new Wynberg girl excited about taking chances and wanting fervently to maximize opportunities coming our way.

Day three commenced with an athletic parade of the various houses on the AstroTurf. It was a pleasure for all the girls to earn their very first house points. The different pillar heads introduced themselves to us and we did various activities including dancing and acting. During the course of the day, the different houses had fun developing their personal war cry, which the girls are eagerly awaiting to pit against each other in future events. GO KIRSTEN!!!

On Friday, the last day of orientation had finally come. Loads of motivational speeches and fun activities between the houses filled up most of the day. More well wishes from the teachers and prefects set the pace for what certainly will be a challenging Grade 8 2017, filled with many new experiences and firmly starting the process of imbibing into all of us, the four Wynberg Pillars… Academics, Service, Sport and Culture.


Orientation with our Grade 8's