Amy Campbell receives the Golden Lion Award

Amy CampbellAmy’s extraordinary talent lies within the cultural pillar of our school.  She is a gifted musician and has been a valued member of the Jazz Band, Orchestra, Choir and Vocal Ensemble. An inspirational singer and pianist she has received acknowledgement in numerous examinations and Eisteddfodau, repeatedly attaining the highest awards.  She is thoroughly professional, readily shares her talent with others and has given generously of herself in performances for the school and within the Campus of Wynberg schools.

She has appeared on national television, performing her own composition and has brought recognition to Wynberg Girls’ High School in her international travels.  She participated in the International Dance Eisteddfod held in Italy, returning with the Dance Grand Prix Italia Musical Theatre Trophy for first position in the Musical Theatre category.  She has recently taken Wynberg’s name abroad to the French Woods Performing Arts Summer camp in New York when she was awarded a scholarship to this international event.

We acknowledge her talent, which she has honed with endless practice and devotion to perfection, and through which she has richly enhanced the name of her school.  I give you – Amy Campbell.