An enriching and thought-provoking experience at the National Gallery and 2017 Art Fair

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On the 17 February, the senior art students went on an art outing to the National Gallery and the Art Fair in the CTICC.  The experiencing was enriching and thought provoking.

At the National Gallery, one of the exhibitions had for the most part been taken down because an artist is on trial for murder. In response to the current situation, the other artists removed their works along with the artist on trial, and the first work of the exhibition in the next room is an artwork of the victim of the murder.

The Art Fair was extremely busy as it was the first day, and we had a lot more time to spend at the CTICC, which was fitting since there was so much to see. There was a lot more photography at the Art Fair this year, and a lot of the students interested in photography were able to chat with photographers about their work and other upcoming events we could go to in our own time. There was also an interesting interactive work which resembled a drive through car wash which people could walk through.

All in all, the outing was inspiring and thought provoking and all the students enjoyed the experience.

Savannah Wiegand
Head of Art Committee