“Animal Farm” performed for two nights in the Vera Lawton Hall

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Animal Farm

After 3 months of intense rehearsals, the cast of Animal Farm was finally able to present their hard work on the nights of 6 and 7 August. The show, consisting of only 14 cast members, was directed by Mrs Penelope Glover, who worked tirelessly and meticulously to ensure that it was a success.

It is a densely packed allegory satirizing the Stalinist regime and indeed the skepticism of all revolutions everywhere. Orwell’s Animal Farm is a story in which a group of farm animals revolt against their human masters in the interests of freedom and equality and a better life for all – only to lead to their discovery that some animals are more equal than others. This satirical tale is bound tightly by a thread of ever-intensifying disappointment and horror.

The lead characters, Napoleon, Squealer, Snowball, Boxer,and Clover, were played by Leandre Kleynhans, Stefanie Simon, Emily Jane Danielz, Lesley Bredekamp, and Razaana Manuel respectively. The characters were simply costumed in theatre blacks and the noses or beaks of the animals represented. Performers switched frequently from one animal persona to another adopting  idiosyncrasies and vocalisations with alacrity. The set was equally simple with bales of hay, troughs, wheelbarrows, milk urns and ladders suggesting the barnyard and farm, and the show itself was strongly suggestive of physical theatre.

There is little doubt that  the cast were able to gain valuable lessons in staying focused on ones character and the importance of background research into ones character through their roles. There was much  enjoyment and laughter as we  experimented with snorting, neighing, mooing and various other farmyard sounds. Overall, the show, which was staged for two nights only, proved to be enjoyed by audience and cast alike. We congratulate all of those involved, and thank the Junior School for allowing us to use the Vera Lawton Hall for the production.