Code-breakers and doughnuts go very well together!

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On the 2 August several teams of girls took to Wynberg Boys’ High School to take part in their annual Math competition. With over 50 teams of students from all over Cape Town, the night was filled with exciting energy and friendly competition. Not only were our WGHS girls competing against the other schools, but were also up against each other.

The teams consisted of four students from the same grade, with more than one team taking part in each grade. All teams were given the same level tasks, tests and activities to complete under certain time constraints. In order to complete the majority of the tasks, the students in each team had to work together, assigning different parts to each of the different members. It was evident that the competition was not only about the teams’ Maths skills, but also the teams’ ability to work as one whole.

Halfway through the competition, the students were all given a doughnut and a drink, to keep their energy levels high for the next round of activities.

The girls had a blast and came back with some great results. One of the WGHS Grade 11 teams placed 3rd in the entire competition, and a Grade 10 team placed 4th, receiving the highest score out of all of the grade 10 teams participating in the competition.

The girls look forward to joining more of their peers at next year’s WBHS Maths competition.