Applications for the position of Head of School are heard

The time of the year has returned for the aspiring leaders of Wynberg Girls’ High School to consider and apply for those leadership positions in which they wish to serve in 2016/17.

On Monday, 25th July, seven of our current Grade 11s took the opportunity to deliver their Head of School speeches to the rest of the school. In speaking order they were: Robyn van Dam, Jessica Stephens, Stacey Goliath, Sonja Stock, Parina Naidoo, Chloe Johnson and Ashlyn Southern. Following the prepared speeches was a variety of impromptu questions the candidates took turns to draw and attempt to answer in their same speaking order.

At this point, all the potential leaders have completed a letter of application and motivation, as well as a manifesto that has been placed on the boards around the school. Today marked the beginning of a week of speeches and the anticipation of interviews with the respective staff members before the actual voting commences.

The seven applicants made it clear in their messages that Wynberg has produced learners who are able to make the most of the opportunities presented to them and carry their experiences gained through life after school. The visions and analogies presented in the speeches sparked a sense of pride and unity among the staff and learners listening.

The applicants for the new Head of School definitely inspired confidence in their ability to lead and we congratulate them on a successful address to the school. All the best to these seven candidates and the other Grade 11s who have applied for leadership as they continue to strive to serve our school well in the future.